Biostatistics (BST)

Mgr. Bc. Silvie Bělašková

Phone: (+420) 543 185 482


Research focus
Research interest of FNUSA-ICRC Biostatistics research facility is focused on estimation and testing in survival models, especially semiparametric, as well as in applications of survival models in biomedical research. Current research includesstudy of the highorderasymptotics, the saddlepoint approximation for the density and distribution function and study of delayed entry in Cox proportional hazards model.

Research objectives

Study of the accuracy of the p-value for semiparametric models. Applications of mixed models methodology in biomedical research. Statistical support of the clinical researchers.

Technological equipment

SW StatSoft, Inc., 2013. STATISTICA (data analysis software system), version 12.
SW SAS Institute Inc., 2011. Base SAS® version 9.4 Procedures Guide. Cary, NC:SAS.

Offered services and expertise

Statistical support - analyzing, design of experiment, testing and modeling
Statistical training and teaching.

Main partners and collaborating institutions

Statistica, StatSoft CR s.r.o, Praha, Czech Republic
Clinic of Reproductive Medicine and Gyneacology, Zlín, Czech Republic
Imalabs.r.o., Zlín, Czech Republic

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