Principal Investigator – Heart Imaging

Institution Description:
The International Clinical Research Center (ICRC) of St. Anne's University Hospital in Brno is a
new-generation research center focusing on the pathogenesis of diseases including finding new
methods, technologies and medicaments for effective prevention, early diagnostics and
individualized treatment.
With more than 200 researchers, new technologies and EU grant support, ICRC is a top Central
European research center. We focus on research and development mainly in the fields of
cardiovascular and neurological diseases. In both areas we partner with world-class research
centers and universities.

Join us as a Principal Investigator in Heart Imaging.
Make our center the next step in your research career.

We seek a highly motivated individual to join an EU-funded research project within Heart
Imaging research group of ICRC. The Heart Imaging research group closely collaborates with
other research institutes - mainly Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Academy of Sciences
of the Czech Republic (ISI, ASCR), Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute (MOU), and University of
Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno (VFU). Heart imaging research is focused mainly
on cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) and nuclear cardiology (SPECT) and our goal is to improve
the noninvasive diagnostics of early forms of myocardial diseases contributing to early heart
failure and/or coronary artery disease.

Research topic:
development of new imaging protocols to improve the noninvasive diagnostics of early
forms of myocardial diseases contributing to early heart failure and/or coronary artery
disease using CMR, SPECT, and other imaging modalities.

We offer:

  • leadership role in setting up a research program in the field of heart imaging,
  • platform to carry out your own independent research,
  • support from experienced cardiac research staff,
  • close cooperation with cardiac electrophysiology and intervention cardiology,
  • access to a large epidemiological cohort,
  • top up-to-date technologies such as 1.5T MR scanner (Philips Ingenia) and 3.0T MR
    scanner (GE Discovery MR750), 128 slice CT (Philips Brilliance iCT), advanced workstation
    (Medis, QMass Enterprise Solution and Diagnosoft, Virtue), nuclear medicine lab
    equipped with fast solid state detectors SPECT scanner (GE Discovery NM 530c),
  • opportunity to use animal research facilities including 1.5T MR scanner (GE),
  • cooperation with major university hospitals in the Czech Republic,
  • professional support for your grant applications.

You will:

  • lead a Heart Imaging research group,
  • coordinate experiments,
  • apply for national and international grants,
  • publish results in peer-reviewed impacted international journals, present outcomes at
    international congresses,
  • actively search for new potential international partnerships and closely cooperate with
  • existing collaborating institutions,
  • look for new industrial partners,
  • closely collaborate with other researchers within ICRC.

Our requirements:

  • Ph.D. in physic of imaging,
  • experience with cardiology and CMR (and preferably nuclear cardiology),
  • demonstrated ability to carry out independent research in the field of cardiac
    noninvasive imaging,
  • strong track record of publishing high impact research papers and obtaining grants in the
    field of cardiac noninvasive imaging.
  • very good command of both spoken and written English
    excellent oral and written communication skills

The candidates are invited to send their CV, a full list of publications and a statement of
research interests to
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Anne's University Hospital, you consent to the collection, processing and storage of your
personal data in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., the protection of personal data. You
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