Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology (ICE/Cardio 3)


MUDr. Zdeněk Stárek, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Contact to Study Coordinator

Ing. Alice Vybíralová, e-mail:


Research team


Electrophysiological examinations and radiofrequency ablation (local tissue destruction) have become, in the last decade, one of the pillars of diagnosis and treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders. As part of our research in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, we investigate the use of new forms of energy, while developing new types of catheters - for example, those serving for magnetic navigation. The results of pilot studies show that these new methods could also be used in the future for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the central nervous system (such as stroke or epilepsy). In addition to the above, new areas of our research involve a method of renal sympathetic denervation (interruption of sympathetic nerve fibers in the walls of renal arteries) in the treatment of resistant hypertension and other diseases, or biventricular pacing and defibrillation in patients with heart failure and bundle branch block.

Main research areas

  • Electrophysiology of the heart and central nervous system.
  • Research in the field of catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Research in the field of renal sympathetic denervation.
  • Use of computers and minimally invasive techniques for mapping in the heart and brain, and for diagnostic and therapeutic stimulation.
  • Development of a prototype of a new type of catheter for endovascular surgery in the central nervous system using stereotactic magnetic navigation.

Application of the results

  • A new type of catheters.
  • New technology for preventing cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Comprehensive development of medical devices (e.g. catheters) from the preclinical stage (animal center) through clinical trials up to post-marketing surveillance.
  • Use of Stereotaxis Niobe in animal models.

Technology background

  • Fully equipped electrophysiology lab
  • Magnetic catheter navigation technology - STEREOTAXIS EPOCH™
  • EnSite Velocity 3D imaging system and Carto 3
  • Catheter ablation systems - radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation, laser ablation
  • EP lab with full-range electrophysiological equipment
  • Operation theatre for PM, ICD and BiV devices including implantations
  • Animal center equipped with complete electrophysiological facilities including STEREOTAXIS EPOCH™, the same technology as that in the human medicine, the possibility of preclinical research in animal models


  • FNUSA-ICRC Science for Health: Support of Clinical Research Popularization (ECOP)
  • Human Bridge for Strengthening Integration of ICRC into European Research Area (ICRC-ERA Human Bridge, FP7)
  • ICRC Human Bridge - Support of Study Stays of Czech Researchers Abroad: Young Talent Incubator (ECOP)
  • ICRC PartnerNet - Research Partnership Network (ECOP)
  • MEDINFO - Information Sources for Medicine and Related Fields (R&DI OP)


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