Cardiovascular and Transplant Surgery, Heart Failure Treatment and Transplant Programs (Cardio 1)

doc. MUDr. Petr Němec, CSc.

National Coordinator

Brooks S. Edwards, M.D.

International Coordinator

Horng H. Chen, M.D., B.Ch.

International Coordinator


Contact to Assistant

Ing. Karla Kučerová, e-mail:

Research Team


Heart failure represents one of the major socio-economic problems of the contemporary society. Our program is focused on the diagnosis and development of new methods of treatment of patients with heart failure, including treatment using mechanical cardiac supports and heart transplantation. The objective is to offer this treatment to all patients and to improve especially the long-term outcomes. This is also achieved thanks to the results obtained from the heart failure and heart transplantation registries kept as part of the program. 

Main research areas

  • heart failure, transplantation, diagnosis and treatment of cardiomyopathy
  • development of therapeutic strategies to reduce left ventricular mass and alleviate graft vasculopathy after cardiac transplant
  • using stem cell technology for regeneration of heart muscle
  • development of peptide molecules with strong protective effect for protection and regeneration of myocardium
  • development of and a long-term support of databases for programs dealing with acute heart failure and heart transplantation

Application of the results

  • optimization of medical therapy after heart transplantations
  • new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for myocarditides

Technology background

  • Intravascular ultrasound - miniaturized ultrasound probe (2.9 F, i.e. less than 1 mm) with a frequency of 10 to 40 MHz allowing for visualization of arterial lumen and vessel wall.
  • Mechanical Cardiac Support - device which can replace, partially or fully, the mechanical function of the left, right, or both heart chambers for a certain time. Mechanical supports must be introduced by cardiac surgical operation. In case the heart function improves, it is possible to remove the mechanical support, otherwise patients may be referred for heart transplantation.


Czech Republic

  • General University Hospital in Prague
  • University Hospital in Motol


  • Mayo Clinic, Rochester (USA)


  • Complex biopsy-based diagnostics of inflammatory and viral myocardial disorders (IGA MZ ČR 2013)
  • CZECH-ICIT (Czech Inflammatory Cardiomyopathy Immunosuppression Trial)
  • FNUSA-ICRC Science for Health: Support of Clinical Research Popularization (ECOP)
  • ICRC Human Bridge - Support of Study Stays of Czech Researchers Abroad: Young Talent Incubator (ECOP)
  • ICRC PartnerNet - Research Partnership Network (ECOP)
  • MEDINFO - Information Sources for Medicine and Related Fields (R&DI OP)