Benefits of FNUSA-ICRC

All activities of FNUSA-ICRC and its teams aim at transferimg knowledge „from bench to back and back“ and all results of its activities should ultimately benefit patients at St. Anne´s University Hospital and worldwide. Our research focuses on major diseases and disorders which affect ageing populations in most countries and aim to find effective solutions.

Foundation and existence of FNUSA-ICRC has brought the following benefits to the society in Brno, Czech Republic and the world:

  • Construction of three new buildings allowed St. Anne´s Hospital to relocate several clinical departments to modern premises.
  • Purchase of nearly 2,000 pieces of equipment for research - some of these are used (in line with national and European regulations) also partly for clinical care.
  • More than 200 jobs in medical research were created in our research and administrative teams.
  • Almost every employee has had the opportunity to spend some time at foreign research institutions and bring new know-how and experience back to Brno.
  • FNUSA-ICRC is visited by several dozens foreign experts every year who share their knowledge with our staff members.
  • We organise dozens of public lectures, seminars and workshops annually and these are open to reseachers and physicians from other research centres and hospitals as well as students.
  • Our researchers contribute to research and development activities of many industrial companies.
  • Patients of St. Anne´s University Hospital and several collaborating hospitals benefit from participation in clinical trials of new pharmaceuticals and medical devices which are not yet on the market.
  • We collaborate with many leading academic research organisations and high-tech companies accross the world and thus help to build a positive image of Brno and the Czech Republic abroad.
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