2011 - 2015

FNUSA-ICRC was financed mainly by a grant (more than 2 billion CZK, or approximatelly 50 million EUR) from the Structural Funds of the EU, Operational Programme „Research and Development for Innovation“ (Czech abbreviation „OP VaVpI“) which financed mainly the purchase  of equipment and running costs of the Centre. Buidings for FNUSA-ICRC and several clinical departments of St. Anne´s University Hospital were financed from the budget of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Czech Republic.

During that period we also also won more than two dozen smaller grants in the total value of more than 500 million CZK (approximatelly 13 million EUR) to support international mobility, training, collaboration with industry, or establishment of links with other research organisations. 

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2016 - 2020

FNUSA-ICRC is majority-financed by a grant from the National Sustainability Fund (Czech abbreviation „NPU“) run and financed by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. The grant covers 57% of running costs of the centre. FNUSA-ICRC has to co-finance this grant from other sources, such as international grants, competitive national grants, grant from EU Structural Funds, income from collaboration with industry, or donations. 

We have been very successful in winning competitive grants from many sources: Horizon 2020, EU Structural Funds, INTERREG, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Agency for Healthcare Research, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, ort he Southmoravian Region.

Financing from industry includes income from clinical trials, other projekcts of contract research, joint grants witgh industry, and donations.  This income has been nearly doubling every year in the past 3 years.  In the near future we also expect income from commericalization of our inventions and innovations. 

ENOCH GrantAlliance4Life GrantINTERREG Grant


Pic. FNUSA-ICRC Budget (2017)

FNUSA-ICRC Budget Chart (2017)

National Sources


International Sources


Income from Industry


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