FNUSA-ICRC is predominantly financed from the resources of the National Programme for Sustainability II (1,018,254,000 CZK) provided via Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and via Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Funds are also obtained from national and international grants, from Institutional Support provided by the Czech Government Council for Research and Development and from own resources of the St. Anne's University Hospital in Brno acquired mainly via contract research and commercialization of research results.  Estimated total budget for the period 2016 - 2020 is 1.786 billion CZK.

Funding from National Programme for Sustainability II (Národní program udržitelnosti II)

Goal To develop FNUSA-ICRC into an internationally competitive and sustainable multidisciplinary centre of excellence in translational medical research. Main objective in terms of the program NPS II is to ensure long-term sustainability of FNUSA-ICRC, which will enable development and integration of FNUSA-ICRC into the national and international research infrastructure.
Registration Number LQ1605
Name of Project
Translation Medicine
Beneficiary Fakultní nemocnice u sv. Anny v Brně
Project Start 2. 2. 2016
Project End 31. 12. 2020
Total Eligible Expenditure of Project 1 786 391 000 CZK
NPU II funding
 1 018 254 000 CZK



FNUSA-ICRC 2010 - 2015 was financed mainly from the Structural Funds of the European Union through the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovations (2.365 bil. CZK) and the Operational Program Education for Competitiveness administrated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Financial resources are also gained from the ISPROFIN subsidy (1.66 bil. CZK) administrated by the Ministry of Health, institutional support provided by the Research, Development and Innovation Council of the Czech Republic and South Moravian Region. The activities of the center are also supported by the St. Anne’s University Hospital, Brno itself primarily from the contract research and commercialization of the research results. The estimated budget for the period from 2011 to 2015 is 4.6 bil. CZK.

Grant Parameters

Goal Establishment of the International Clinical Research Center as a multi-disciplinary Center of Excellence in the fields of applied cardiovascular and neuroscience research, medical education, clinical care, and technology transfer
Registration Number


Project Title St. Anne´s University Hospital, Brno - International Clinical Research Center (FNUSA-ICRC)
Beneficiary St. Anne´s University Hospital Brno
Project Start

May 1st, 2010

Project End December 31st, 2015
Sustainability Period 5 years
Total Eligible Expenditure 2 106 586 850 CZK
Structural Funds 1 790 598 822,50 CZK (85 %)
State Budget 315 988 027,50 CZK (15 %)
Other Expenditure 2.27 bil. CZK
Subsidy ISPROFIN 1.66 bil. CZK
Total Planned Project Costs 4.6 bil.  CZK