Industrial Sector

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies

The goal of cooperation with FNUSA-ICRC is the development of new pharmaceuticals, especially in the field of neurology (e.g., Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, etc.) and cardiovascular disease (e.g. coronary heart disease, etc.).

Contract research organizations (CRO)

Contract research organizations are primarily concerned with the conduct of clinical trials, testing the efficacy and safety of newly-developed pharmaceuticals and medical devices. FNUSA-ICRC is a very important center with a long history of clinical testing of modern technologies and these activities will be further developed in the future in collaboration with leading CROs.

Manufacturers of medical technologies

The area of medical technology encompasses both medical devices where the emphasis is focused on the development of new technologies for neurology and cardiology, and the development and testing of “electronic health care” (e-health), which is focused on the application of modern information and communication technologies for the prevention, early diagnosis, and cure of diseases.