ICRC Academy

ICRC Academy is a proven educational concept focused on cooperation with high school and undergraduate students from universities and colleges in the area of clinical research. Its main objective is to introduce to the students the work opportunities in the field of science and research and perspectives of their personal growth.

ICRC Academy is a unique platform offering the students a chance to:

  • get information about further education and work opportunities in the field of clinical research
  • become part of research teams and learn from the experienced mentors
  • to gain new knowledge and skills

It is the first concept of its kind implemented in a state medical institution in the Czech Republic. See the video from the Academy 2014.

3-steps process

Lecture Road-Show – a series of lectures at universities and high schools. The goal is to introduce clinical research activities to the students in an attractive way and motivate them for participation in Workshop. The presentations are based on real examples from the practice.

Workshop – 3-days workshop, full of lectures and excursions, that gives the participants a chance to get deeper information on medical research. Each workshop is designed for approx. 50 students selected based on CV and covering letter, or on task defined in advance by the professional committee. The best students are offered a working contract - position of Research Assistant.

Research Assistant – a contract for the chosen students who get a chance to become a part of the research teams under the guidance of the mentors. The students are actively involved in research and publication activities, learn from their mentors and experience atmosphere of an international conference.

Outcomes since the start in June 2012

  • more than 600 participants of Lecture Road-Show
  • 15 lectures at 11 institutions in 7 cities
  • more than 150 participants of 3 Workshops
  • 20 students actively working within ICRC research teams
  • 16 students presented their research work at an international conference