The position of simulation training method can be defined as a method which is occurring between the common teaching methods and the practices applied within the real environment of a health facility. It is a supplement to the both current teaching methods and thanks to the instant feedback received not only from the psychologists, health care experts but also from other involved participants, it enables a better combination of theory and practice. The experience obtained from the simulated situation enables to deepen the self-reflection activity of the training participant (student, educator) in such way to help, in terms of self and patient protection, consciously select the relevant communication strategy and to avoid any inadequate reactions.

In The Simulation Center the students of Nursing Schools or the employees of any health facility can exercise their communication e.g. with the aggressive or depressed patient, communication with patient's relatives or with the person endangered by the domestic violence. They can obtain a better self-assurance for acting in their current or future professions. Thanks to the adequate selection of methods of simulative training, cooperation with the professional actors (standardized patient) and the audio-visual technology, the communication skills get improved and hence are able comply the high requirements related to providing the medical treatment.

Top High-Tech Equipment, Involvement of Actors, Psychologists, Health care experts

The premises for the simulation training of communication skills are situated within St. Anne's University Hospital Brno, are equipped with top high-tech audio-visual technology, hospital beds, furniture, etc. The education is delivered by the team of psychologists, namely Pavel Strasak, Martina Jezkova, Lucie Kotkova, Jitka Dolezi, Ondrej Mikaus. The standardized patients are represented by actors from Brno theaters, namely Tomas Sykora, Vladimir Hauser, Kristina Gargula,Sergej Sanza. High quality of education is ensured by Health care experts.

The simulation training is designed for

• Nursing School students
• Nursing School teachers
• Employees of health facilities

The simulation in the field of communication skills is the part of the following projects

•Supraregional Network of Secondary Medical Schools for High Quality of Education
•Innovative Education of Teachers within South Moravian
•Regionand Simulation Training of Communication Skills for Medical Devices Staff in the South Moravian Region

(Financed from European Social Fund and from the Czech republic state budget)

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