Other research outputs

In addition to publications, the research teams of FNUSA-ICRC have produced a number of other research outputs, for example:


So far 5 patent applications have been made

Utility models

Several applications for registering utility models have been made; two utility models have already been registered by the Office for Industrial Property of the Czech Republic

  • Multichannel full-body impedance monitor
    (Ing. Pavel Jurák, Ing. Pavel Leinveber, Ing. Filip Plešingr I, Ing. Josef Halámek, CSc, Ing. Ivo Viščor, Ph.D., Ing. Vlastimil Vondra, Ing. Michal Kuna)
  • Controlled breathing apparatus
    (Ing. Ivo Viščor, Ph.D., Ing. Vlastimil Vondra)

Industrial designs

Several applications have been made for registering industrial designs. After registration, information about them will be published on this page.


Several prototypes have been made (working product, made as one piece to verify the design features of the instrument or tool)

  • Infusion agitation pump for ultrasound contrast agent
  • Controlled breathing apparatus that makes it possible to regulate breathing indicators, particularly frequency, depth of inhalation, and course of inhalation and exhalation
  • Apparatus for automatically generating current for the 3D system of coils for generating a magnetic field
  • Multichannel full-body impedance monitor


Several software programs have been created that can be used in accordance with the license terms of FNUSA.