Research Networks

FNUSA-ICRC has a fast-increasing number of research grants from many sources, such as the Horizon 2020 program, INTERREG, EU Structural Funds, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Agency for Healthcare Research, Czech Ministry of Education, or the Southmoravian Region.

See our Ongoing research and grants

We are activelly seeking further grant opportunities and would be interested to join emerging grant consortia which are planning to apply for grants in fields of our research. Should you wish to explore the possibility to apply for a joint grant with us, please contact our Academic Collaborations Specialist.

ERC (European Research Council) grants are of special interest and we offer a special package of tailored professional assistance to our researchers, external applicants and external grantees who are looking for options how to enrich their research. For further information, please contact our Grant Support Office.

Petr Rychtecky - Head of the Grant Support Centre
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