Our mission is to equip the next generation of medical leaders with the best education possible to pursue their future medical and research roles profesionally.

Thanks to the naturally international environment within the International Clinical Research Center, we also strengthen connections between healthcare professionals internationally by connecting our researchers and medical doctors with international students and research fellows through our fellowship and internship programs.

FNUSA-ICRC is a research institute and does not award academic degrees. However it is very active in the field of education and training. Its lectures and other educational activities focus primarily on its own employees but many of them are also open to other researchers and physicians from external institutions from Brno, from the Southmoravian Region, or the Czech Republic. We are also happy to host talented researchers from abroad.

Fellowships and Internships at Collaborating Institutions
Fellowship at FNUSA-ICRC
Internship at FNUSA-ICRC
FNUSA-ICRC Summer School
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