30 May 2018

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Doc. MUDr. Robert Mikulík, Ph.D., Head of Cerebrovascular Research Team of FNUSA-ICRC and Head of the Complex Cerebrovascular Center at St. Anne’s University Hospital, participated in a major worldwide study on the pharmacological treatment of recurrent stroke.

Robert Mikulík participated in this study not only as a co-author but also as a member of the management board that developed the procedure for the study and managed its proper progress. The study was published at the end of May in one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals – The New England Journal of Medicine and, at the same time, the study was presented at the European Stroke Organisation Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. In the history of FNUSA-ICRC, this is a publication with the highest impact factor to date – IF 72.406. The scientific articles that had been previously published by FNUSA-ICRC authors with the highest impact factors were published in the Chemical Reviews (IF 45.661), JAMA (IF 30.026) and Cell (IF 28.710) journals.

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