Kick-off ENOCH project

26. 10. 2018

A kick-off meeting of the unique Molecular, Cell and Clinical Approach to Healthy Aging (ENOCH) project was held in the premises of FNUSA-ICRC. The participants discussed key activities focusing on identifying the treatment of aging affecting diseases, such as dementia, cancer or heart diseases. The ambition of the project is not immortal life but healthy aging in the least burdened by diseases. The unification of the five best Moravian research centers represents a milestone in regional cooperation as it connects 220 researchers from FNUSA-ICRC, the Institute of Molecular and Translation Medicine at Palacký University in Olomouc (IMTM), the Regional Centre of Applied Molecular Oncology of the Masaryk Oncological Institute (RECAMO), the Department of Neurology at the Faculty of Medicine, Olomouc University Hospital, and the Blood Cancer Research Group at Ostrava University (BCRG).

More information on ENOCH available here

12. 10. 2018

Associate Professor Ondřej Ludka, Head of the Sleep Medicine research team, was the main local organizer of the jubilee XX. Czech and XV. Czech - Slovak Congress of Sleep Medicine held in early October in Mikulov under the auspices of Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of MU, Professor Martin Bareš. Assoc. Prof. Ludka gave a speech called "Chronobiology and Cardiovascular Disease", he also presided over a number of sections and received an award for the best publication of Czech Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Society for his publication Ludka O et al. Differential likelihood of NSTEMI vs. STEMI in patients with sleep apnea, published in the International Journal of Cardiology, with an IF of 6.189 (Q1). Sleep Medicine also had its stall here, as well as round table discussions with representatives of the application sphere and the professional public under the auspices of the Technology Transfer Department and with the support of the European Regional Development Fund project.

Joint Meeting 2018 FNUSA-ICRC

9. 10. 2018

At the beginning of October, a meeting of Supervisory Board and International Science and Advisory Board of FNUSA-ICRC was held in the premises of ICRC. This panel for monitoring and evaluating the progress of our research teams was held for the fifth time. The meeting began by Dr. Stokin and his speech, the presentation of all our research teams and the meetings of both councils followed afterwards. Thanks to the participation of external evaluators whose experience and recommendations are very beneficial for the future of ICRC, a high international standard of medical research within our center is guaranteed. The evaluation of the individual research teams has not yet been published, however, the evaluators have appreciated the general continuous progress of the center and high level of research.

Gorazd Stokin, Chair FNUSA-ICRC, Brno

26. 9. 2018

FNUSA-ICRC Chair Dr. Gorazd Bernard Stokin delivered a speech in Hong Kong to 2000-guest-audience on "Axons, Transport, Alzheimer’s Disease and Beyond". In his talk he addressed various topics regarding the most common neurodegenerative disorder.

Clinically, Alzheimer’s disease consists in acquired progressive behavioral changes and cognitive decline, while pathologically it is characterized by synaptic and neuronal loss. Dr. Stokin is dedicated to the research of Alzheimer’s disease and welcomes every opportunity to convey his wide knowledge in order to raise the awareness of this widespread and serious disease.

Robert Mikulík - Mikulov

15 September 2018

In the middle of September, the 46th traditional Czech and Slovak Cerebrovascular Congress was held in Mikulov. This year, Stroke research team was also actively involved in the program of one of the Europe's oldest scientific and educational events in Europe in the cerebrovascular field. Assoc. Prof. Robert Mikulík, the Head of the research team, presented the results of the thrombolytic treatment in the Czech Republic in the opening section of the conference. The quality of stroke care in the country is in some aspects the best in the world and is constantly improving. Thanks to the well-managed logistics, it is possible to treat more and more patients, as the number of those who are in the so-called therapeutic time window, when they are still curable, is rising. Together with his colleague, Dr. Petra Cimflova, they also organized a brain imaging workshop. They trained around a hundred participants on how to better understand the images of patients suspected of stroke and how to use the new reading programs.

FNUSA-ICRC Mikulov 2018
FNUSA-ICRC - mission to Tokyo, Japan

15 September 2018

In the middle of September, a delegation from FNUSA-ICRC visited Japan and engaged in various activities during its stay in the Land of the Rising Sun.
Scientists from the Center for Translational Medicine (CTM) of FNUSA-ICRC presented their research at TERMIS World Congress 2018 in Kyoto. The conference was a premier event for the dissemination of cutting-edge research in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Ana Rubina Perestrelo successfully introduced her research on combined approach to investigate ECM nanostructure remodeling in heart failure, while Jorge Oliver De La Cruz delivered a speech on his recent discoveries regarding the impact of mechanical cues coming from ECM in cell function. Fabiana Martino presented a poster on a novel mechanosensor acting during cardiac pathologies. The CTM leader Giancarlo Forte was invited keynote speaker with a talk on cardiac mechanobiology who also organized and chaired a Symposium within the conference named “Mechanobiology and Force Sensing in Regenerative Medicine”.

CTM also organized a joint seminar with TWIns Institute in Tokyo focused on human cardiac tissue engineering. TWIns integrates two traditional and very progressive Japanese universities (Tokyo Women´s Medical University and Waseda University) and thus creates a great potential for collaboration with FNUSA-ICRC. At this occasion, the FNUSA-ICRC delegation also welcomed the opportunity to visit the TWIns labs to identify further areas of the collaboration established in 2017 by a Memorandum of Understanding. The delegation also met the representatives of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo. The Czech Consulate Diplomatic Service has been recently very supportive in promoting FNUSA-ICRC abroad and in fostering the internalization of our research center. The mission to Tokyo represents an outstanding example of such attitude. FNUSA-ICRC got the opportunity to open up the first contact with the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of Gerontology and to also discuss the specific research framework and financial tools for a potential Czech-Japanese collaboration at the EU Delegation to Japan, Section for Science and Technology. 

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